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I have been microchipping animals for over 6 years. I offer the service for litters & single pets. I can microchip dogs & puppies over 6 weeks of age (ideally 7 weeks), cats & kittens, rabbits & ferrets. My microchipping service is competitively priced to allow people to chip their pet or litters for a reasonable price. 

I have recently microchipped a Skunk so all well behaved Skunks are now welcome to come for microchipping.

I am trained by Peddymark and supply Animal Tracker microchips. I only buy and implant good quality, tried and tested microchips rather than the cheaper brands that are available on the market. The microchips are then logged on to the Animal Tracker database.

All microchips implanted by me are now the Mid Size Microchips that have a smaller needle and therefore cut down on discomfort to the animal. These can be used in the tiniest kitten or puppy to the largest breed of dog. 

By Law all puppies over 8 weeks of age now have to be microchipped.

***All litters of puppies microchipped by me are registered to the breeder in the first instance and then the new owners have to change contact details in to their own once they have taken ownership of the puppy. This is the law and anyone offering any alternative is breaking the law***